Project details

  • Annual Energy Reduction: 942,922 kwh
  • Annual Energy Savings: AED 480,000
  • Annual CO2 Reduction: 770 Tons
  • R.O.I.: 53%



RAK Hospital Management contacted Smart4Power to help them to reduce the hospital energy consumption. Most elements of the HVAC system were run on manual mode (the Building Management System was obsolete and had not been in operation for many years) and there was also room for improving the chillers COP.


After conducting an Investment-grade Audit, Smart4Power and RAK Hospital signed an Energy Savings Performance Contract under which S4P agreed to undertake the full investment in the energy conservation measures and RAK Hospital agreed to share a percentage of the savings over a period of 5 years.

Smart4Power implemented a host of cost effective improvements to improve the efficiency of a variety of building systems. These included:

  • Building Management System/ Chiller Plant Manager
  • Adding adiabatic cooling system for chillers
  • Effective VAV Control System for patient rooms
  • Aircosaver for DX Units
  • Time and Ventilation based demand control of Air Handling Units.

The targeted energy savings in RAK Hospital is 20% per year.