We back up our services with the implementation of proven technologies to cost effectively realize actual energy savings. Once we have worked with a client to develop realistic energy savings goals and a plan of action, we install and safeguard improvements for all building systems.


We analyze and upgrade the efficiency of all HVAC systems, including direct expansion (DX), chiller, and evaporative cooling AC systems, as well as FAHU and distribution systems.

  • Smart4Power,energy efficiency dubai,energy audit dubai,ESCO dubai
  • Smart4Power,energy efficiency dubai,energy audit dubai,ESCO dubai
Our HVAC solutions include the following:

  • Supply, design and installation of chiller plant manager systems (CPM) and programming of chiller settings according to varying cooling loads (day, week, year)
  • Supply, design and installation of suitable adiabatic cooling to improve chiller efficiency
  • Supply, design and installation of demand controlled ventilation system (FAHU, AHU, FCUs)
  • Supply and installation of electronic control unit for DX compressors (Aircosavers)
  • Supply and installation of retrofit building materials (e.g. solar window films) to reduce air leakage, solar heat gain, and building’s cooling loads

Solution Summary

Air conditioning accounts for 60-70% of a building’s electricity consumption in the UAE. In order to reduce the overall demand, particularly during the peak months of the summer, we provide a wide range of energy saving solutions to our customers, whether it is through installation of performance enhancing retrofit solutions or through optimizing the operations of existing cooling systems. We can also help our customers replace their energy inefficient hardware with more efficient alternatives that could reduce significantly the need to increase the power capacity of the company.

Solution Showcase: Chiller Plant Manager

A Chiller Plant Manager (CPM) is a dedicated control system to optimize the efficiency at which the different elements of the of chiller plant operates (chillers, cooling tower, condenser water pumps and chilled water pumps).


A CPM works on an open system architecture and automatically calculates the cooling demand from the chilled water supply/return temperature and flow rate. Based on these parameters, the CPM can determine the setting and operations sequence of the chillers, pumps and cooling tower, improving its efficiency and lifetime of the equipment.

Solution Showcase: Adiabatic Cooling System

The Wet Wall System (WWS) uses the natural cooling process of water evaporation to precool the air around the chiller condensers.

  • When water comes in contact with air, the water absorbs thermal energy from the air resulting in evaporation. As the air moves through the WWS, the temperature drops which in turn reduce the chillers discharge pressure and thereby improving the efficiency.
  • The performance of the WWS is dependent upon the temperature of the air and its relative humidity (RH). Higher temperatures and low RH gives greater cooling.

Upto 25% Annual Energy Savings with ROI > 45%

The installation of the WWS at Unilever’s Jebel Ali factory is reducing the chiller consumption by 15-20%

The introduction of the system has improved chillers operations and reduced its consumption by almost 20% (summer time). The factory management has requested to cover all chiller with WWS

Solution Showcase: AIRCOSAVER

Nearly all existing direct air conditioners are designed to use more energy than necessary. AIRCOSAVER is a smart control device that eliminates this excess energy consumption and upgrades by 15-25% the energy efficiency of existing AC systems. Smart4Power is the region’s exclusive provider of the AIRCOSAVER solution.


AIRCOSAVER is compatible with nearly all direct expansion (DX) AC systems, including window-type, split ducted and ductless, package, and central units. AIRCOSAVER employs algorithms to optimize the operating time of the AC system’s compressor, which is the component that uses the most energy. AIRCOSAVER complements the system’s existing thermostat to deliver significant savings while maintaining comfort.


AIRCOSAVER is especially valuable in the hot climate of the UAE and wider region, where air conditioning can comprise in excess of 70% of annual energy costs. Benefits include:

  • Energy savings of 15-25% across DX AC types
  • Payback period of 12-25 months for most applications
  • 2-year replacement warranty
  • Increased AC system lifetime due to reduced use of compressor

Solution Showcase: Demand Controlled Ventilation System


Demand Controlled Ventilation (DCV) is automatic adjustment of ventilation equipment according to based on occupancy. DCV is a control method that modulates the volume exchange of fresh or outside air into an enclosed space by mechanical air conditioning equipment.

The occupancy level input is obtained based on

– Occupancy schedules, which allow a building automation system to predict the current population based on the time of day

– Occupancy sensors, which detect the presence or number of people in each monitored zone

– Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors, which monitor the concentration of CO2 that is produced continuously by the occupants and diluted by the outdoor air

Solution Showcase: : Solar Film Installation

Buildings’ windows offer one of the best opportunities for a solid return on investment for energy savings. Solar energy enters through windows and causes heat to build up inside the building, leading to uncomfortable hotspots and an increased need for air conditioning.

With proven heat-rejection properties, architectural solar control window films can help to consume 30% less energy for cooling, by keeping interior temperatures more stable. This reduces the need for air conditioning while moderating peak usage and allowing your cooling system to operate more efficiently. Less costly than installing new windows and more efficient than low-e coatings at rejecting solar heat window films transform standard glass into high performance windows.

When evaluating opportunities to improve energy performance of a building it is important to consider the life cycle of the products that can be used to improve the building envelope. Compared to replacing windows, the embodied carbon of solar films is at least 30 times less than new windows. In fact in addition to saving energy architectural solar control window films are scientifically proven to be carbon negative and have a net positive environmental impact worldwide.


We stay up to date on the latest lighting technology advancements and the ever decreasing costs of energy efficient replacements. We carefully match solutions to client needs based on luminance and color temperature levels in addition to energy savings. LED, induction lamps, and occupancy sensors compose the core solutions we recommend and implement.

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Solution Summary

Lighting is often a “quick win” solution, one that requires limited upfront investment and pays for itself in savings in a short amount of time.. However, careful analysis must be carried out when selecting the right technology (LED, LEP, T5, induction, etc.) to ensure that all elements are taken into consideration: consumption, maintenance, and lighting specifications (temperature, CRI). Equally important is the need to to properly program and control the light systems or to introduce devices such as occupancy sensors and daylighting dimmers.

As with air conditioning, we search for the latest technology innovations and assess the feasibility of introducing renewable sources of energy (solar PV panels) in combination with energy efficient lighting solutions.

Solution Showcase: Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors, or presence detectors, are a special type of motion sensors. They are specifically designed to pick up on small movements. Compared to other sensors, occupancy sensors sourced by Smart4Power are small in size and offer exceptionally high sensitivity. Types include simple sensors that switches lighting on and off with fixed delay time and integrated sensors for occupancy sensing and daylight dimming.


An occupancy sensor reliably detects if persons are present in a room. It automatically turns lights (or other electricity consumers) on when a room is occupied and off when a room is vacant. To achieve this, the sensor needs to pick up fine movements without triggering false alarms. Although simple in concept, occupancy sensing is probably the single most effective energy saving strategy. Energy saving could not be easier.

Typical applications are:

  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Classrooms
  • Bathrooms, toilets (up to IP 41)
  • Corridors
  • Storage areas a walk-in closets
  • Kids’ rooms


  • Very sensitive and very reliable
  • Small and unobtrusive
  • Easy and quick to install
  • High energy savings, often in excess of 50%
  • Wide range of types to match requirements
  • Adjustable delay time and dimming setpoint


We provide all the intelligence a building needs to perform at its best. We specialize in BMS, EMS, and chiller plant manager applications and offer the power of the S4P Control Room to monitor and control all of a building’s interrelated systems.

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Solution Summary

Our work starts by assessing and defining the energy control requirements of the company. We identify what kinds of sensors, meters, and control devices make sense to have according to the consumption profile. There are many solutions in the market with different functionalities and IP protocols. We assess these solutions based on previously agreed criteria with the client (cost, functionality, data security, operation autonomy, etc.). We look for the most efficient and simple-to-use wireless metering and control solutions and then we analyze and propose the architectural solution for its integration with the company’s extant BMS.

Solution Showcase: Building Management Systems


We specialize in complete HVAC and lighting solution for commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.

Smart4Power team has experience in working on multiple product lines utilizing BACnet communications protocols. Our expertise allows us to design, implement and manage reliable automation solutions for our clients.

In addition, we are able to recommend and seamlessly upgrade existing Building Management systems in buildings where the BMS is not functioning.


Addressing energy efficiency should always precede any installation of renewable energy generation. Energy efficiency is the best means to optimize existing building infrastructure and operations; it thus has the power to maximize any on-site renewable generation or even reduce the necessary sizing of a renewable installation. At Smart4Power, we work with our sister company, ALEC ENERGY to combine the strengths of energy efficiency and solar PV. We first address key energy efficiency opportunities and then qualify the potential for adding ground and roof mounted solar arrays. We address both grid-tied and off-grid applications. Off-grid scenarios are especially attractive for energy efficiency plus solar because they are typically served by diesel generators and are thus forced to pay a higher per kWh electricity rate than grid users.

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Solar PV

Through ALEC energy we offer a fully inclusive Turnkey solar lease package consisting of:

– System finance – Turnkey design

– Local authority approvals

– Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

– Life span operation and maintenance

– Life span system monitoring

Should you wish to make the upfront capital investment, we offer a complete design, installation, approval and handover of the system for your operation (EPC).

ALEC Energy is a certified member of the Middle East Solar Industry Association, Emirates Green Building Council and Al Moltaka, the Dubai Society for Construction Professionals


For More details visit http://www.alecenergy.ae/