Dubai Airport HVAC Retrofit

Project details

  • Annual Savings : 5,061,938 kWh
  • Payback Period : 2 Years

Dubai Airport HVAC Retrofit


Dubai Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the word. Through the Super-ESCO Etihad ESCO, Smart4Power was appointed to reduce the energy consumption of the Airports Terminal 1, 2, 3 and Concourse D by retrofitting some of the HVAC systems. Most elements of the HVAC system were following conventional sequence of operation, without any optimization or energy conservation measures. There was also room for improving the chillers COP and DX AC’s.

After completing the Investment-grade energy audit, Smart4Power signed a 7 years guaranteed savings contract with Etihad ESCO to design, implement and operate the following energy conservation measures:

  • Optimization system for Auxiliary chiller plant (chiller plant manager)
  • Installation of wet wall system on existing chillers
  • Replacement of existing DX AC with Inverter type DX AC

The construction phase was completed in 18 months and the project is already in operation.