Future Rehabilitation Centre

Project details

  • Energy Savings (%): 36%
  • Payback Period : 3.8 Years

Future Rehabilitation Centre


Future Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) is a school based in Abu Dhabi for people of determination. FRC appointed Masdar and Smart4Power to help them in reducing their electricity and water bills without affecting comfort levels / operating hours inside the facilities, so they could use the money saved to improve the services and attend more kids of determination.


Masdar and Smart4Power reached an agreement with FRC whereby Masdar financed the project and Smart4power implemented the solutions. The project scope comprised detailed energy audit and turn-key implementation of the following energy conservation measures.

  • Installation of HVAC control system
  • Installation of water saver
  • Installation of solar film on skylight
  • Application of soil additive to reduce irrigation times
  • Installation of LED lights
  • Application of thermal coating on atrium sandwich roof
  • Installation of swimming pool solar thermodynamic solution
  • Energy Monitoring System
  • Installation of Roof top Solar PV