National bank of Abu Dhabi – Case Study

Annual Energy Reduction
Annual Energy Savings
Annual CO2 Reduction

NBAD wanted to improve the energy efficiency at its Head Office and Khalidiya building in Abu well as to assess the feasibility of achieving LEED certification These efforts were in line with a fundamental goal on the part of NBAD of becoming a recognized leader in sustainable business practices in the UAE and Middle East.


Smart4Power was appointed to conduct the environmental audit at both facilities with the following scope and results:

  • ASHRAE level 2 audit with identification of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) at Head Office and Khalidiya building that will reduce the buildings’ energy consumption by 22.5% and 49% respectively.
  • Detailed description of ECMs (HVAC retrofit and control solutions, lighting replacement, water conservation, etc.
  • CAPEX and OPEX budget along with savings and ROI analysis.
  • Establishment of the buildings’ current LEED ranking against LEED rating system (Gap analysis) and preparation of road map for LEED certification.