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Most of the villas in Dubai feature very inefficient AC, lighting and water systems and are poorly insulated. If we combine this with the fact that they are very intensive in energy consumption due to long and very hot summer and that electricity and water prices have almost doubled over the last 5 years, then we understand why the utility bill has become a major issue for most of the families in Dubai. Families living in villas are paying on average AED 24,000/year.

The demand is right there, but the major challenge now is selecting the energy saving solutions which have the highest impact, are relatively easy to install and can be accommodated to all different types and sizes of villas. Through this pilot project, Smart4Power in collaboration with Emrill, assessed the technical and financial feasibility of installing a set of predefined energy saving solutions that could meet all these criteria.


S4P shortlisted the following four energy savings solutions:

  • Installation of the Aircosaver, an electronic control device that optimizes the running time of the compressor of AC units.
  • Installation of solar control window films that blocks and reduces the heat gains caused by solar radiation.
  • Replacement of LED and CFL lights for conventional lighting features (halogen and incandescent).
  • Installation of aerators / water reducers in faucets and shower heads which reduces the water flow while keeping same comfort.

For each villa, S4P conducted a quick energy audit to assess consumption profile and identify the priority areas to implement the predefined solutions. Based on the audit outcome, S4P team implemented the energy & water devices and measured the consumption with and without to verify the savings. The on-the spot test were later verified through the DEWA bill (October month consumption year-on-year comparison).

S4P provided a detailed report describing the performance of each of the energy & water saving initiatives and also listed other energy savings initiatives (e.g. water irrigation) that could have a high impact.

The test conducted showed that the average energy savings that could be achieved through the predefined solutions was AED 4,485/year with payback period for the basic investment of only 12 months. Savings were achieved while keeping or improving comfort levels.