It is about efficiency!
Supporting business profitability is one of the key pillars of Smart4Power actions. Our energy efficient solutions help to eliminate waste energy and to reallocate resources to core, value-added activities. From S4P we make sure that our solutions have acceptable payback periods and RoI.
It is about people!
A big chunk of the savings will come through simple initiatives and practices from the users of the facilities. In Smart4Power we make a lot of effort in bringing awareness to the people through training and communication campaigns and identifying “green leaders” that can set an example for the rest of the organization.
It is about Environment!
Our energy-saving solutions have a significant impact in terms of making a more sustainable use of resources and reducing CO2 emissions and water consumption without compromising comfort levels. In Smart4Power we assess the impact of our solutions in terms of CO2 and water reduction. With the support of DCCE (Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence), we help our clients to accredit their carbon emissions reduction.
It is about technology!
Energy smart technologies are one of the most dynamic industries, spanning a wide range of applications. Emerging technologies and innovations have the potential to revolutionize how energy is produced, distributed, stored and saved. The good news for our clients is that, as some of these technologies mature, the energy yield is higher and the production cost is lower, making them more viable even at lower scale (LED, VED, solar PV panels...) From S4P we track the latest developments and propose the best solutions to our clients.
Why Smart4Power?
Our customers choose Smart4Power not only for our specialized technical expertise. There are other key attributes which differentiate our services from the ones of our competitors which provide a unique and value-added offering to our customers:
Smart4Power vision and mission
Our mission is to analyze, design and implement energy efficient solutions that will create value to our customers’ business.
We aim to become the preferred partner of choice of our customers to implement energy savings solutions.